Crazy? Desperate?


So, I started looking at alternative therapies this week to have a stem cell infusion into my lungs to see if the technology is hokum or a potentially under-utilized option in a cutting-edge field.

Stem cell research is largely banned by the US government due to the whole fetal tissue / abortion drama, but I’ve come across a couple of firms who are pursuing this option in Southern California and in Arizona.  One firm’s treatment will cost $7,500 (initial discussions) and the other firm’s treatment choice will cost $13,500.

So, I’ll be doing a webinar next week to listen to an indepth conversation on the theory, and how it all works.  And, I’ll be posting the information on line via facebook to get some feedback from other viewpoints about how the procedure works.

Still struggling with whether or not to tell this to my employer’s insurance company as part of my appeal for benefits that my employee handbook says I should be earning while out on disability, but still on the fence for all of that.  The biggest thing for me is to get this info in front of my regular doctor during our next appointment  so that we can review the proposed technology, just like we did for lung ablations and his favorite, a lung transplant.

Wish me luck !

2 thoughts on “Crazy? Desperate?

  1. I think I’d just do it and keep quiet to the insurance folks. Unless you’re worried about later ramifications. Would they be any more sluggish about their haste to help you if they knew? Most of these companies are trying to earn profit, the care to the patients they’re supposed to cover is secondary if not thought about at all, so to ME? It’s moot. It’ll cause a lot of fuss because the treatment is considered experimental probably. Just add another weapon to their arsenal of why you should be denied benefits. And it’s just my opinion. If it works? Hey! I’m all for it. I’ve heard wondrous things about stem cells, they’re even talking about pancreatic injections to help fix whatever is amiss in diabetic patients. I’m sure THAT is purely theoretical at this point. Do talk to your regular doctor before you do anything, that seems a very sensible step to take. Good luck!!!

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  2. Actually, the case manager implied that I’d be more likely to get benefits if I was pursuing an active treatment theory vs. having reached the end of my options (I kid you not), so I’m trying to compose a polite f-you letter that says they don’t pay for existing western medical treatments (i.e., the “experimental” CT scan that took them 4+ months to finally cover), but this is what I’m up to as a non-covered treatment plan as part of being at the “severe” stage for end of life and traditional treatment options.

    I’ve got my first “better breathers” club meeting tomorrow, too, so we’ll see how that group-think environment lines up, and if anyone else has been pursuing the stem cells treatment as an option, too.

    Dr Newman and I talk over everything – and I’m certainly not going to risk my own savings without talking to him as well as a naturopath – so we’ll see how it goes. For today, my right hand is killing me from yesterday’s blood tests (they can’t find a workable vein in that arm, so the nurse went in through the back of my hand and that vein dried up, too, leaving a pool of blood and bruising under the skin on my already sensitive right hand).

    I tell you, I don’t know how drug users do the whole IV thing. I can’t even come up with enough blood for the most basic of blood tests. Sheesh !

    Thanks for visiting and have a good night.


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