Fishing? Fishing!


I haven’t been able to do much lake fishing in CA as the drought goes on, so I bought an ocean-worthy rod and reel, and try and locate likely places in CA to hang out and fish.

I started this in 2013, when I signed up for my fishing licenses in MA and NH while back home, and then returned to CA with a renewed passion to drown some worms or small-fry fish.  While I’m hoping to leave my current home and move further south and inland, the only thing stopping me from fishing locally is time and motivation.

Fitting in time for meds, for paperwork, and then swim classes makes for a pretty busy day.  Especially when I need a nap every few hours.  Or to pee like a racehorse every five minutes…

However, I bought a new oil-filled heater on a timer for the front of the house, yet still need to stay busy using other people’s utilities or it’s going to break the bank for staying within budget on my current and very limited means.

So, fishing it is.  Time to head out and embrace the sunshine as a way to warm up despite the chill factor in the air.

image  image

And, in case you were worried – I’m a catch and release kind of gal.

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