Disposable Love.


I have a 10 pound cat with a 90 pound personality.  Ms. Katie, the fur coated diva, fills the corners of my heart and every unclaimed chair in my home.

As of November 1st, she got her well kitty visit as our annual reminder of the day she chose to go home with me.


So, it was very sad to be in the vet’s lobby when an older couple were bringing their 16 year old dog in to be put down. He was blind.  They didn’t talk publicly about what else was wrong with his health, just that “they couldn’t take it anymore” whatever “it” might be.  He, meanwhile (“Simba”, since they write the names of all appointments on the “welcome” board), shook, trembling, and then stood or sat quietly at the feet of his impatient owner, who merely wanted to dump the dog and leave.  “We can’t take it anymore.” He muttered, at the receptionist, all the while talking and thinking about the new dog they would get and discussing what he wanted in a new pet with his wife.

I so wanted to smack him and his useless, fluttering spouse.

“This is a life !” I wanted to shout at him.

Pet his head.

Rub his ruff.

Tell him he’s been a good boy and comfort him while he goes to his final rest.

The more he muttered about the hassle of waiting for the doctor to confirm or deny his request, the more I wanted to smack him.  Death is a part of life.  However, if you cannot comfort your animal companion and be with him during his final monents on this earth for an optional procedure, then what good are you ?

I hope he doesn’t find a new dog to adopt.

As an owner, he’s too old (in my humble opinion), and has outlived his ability to be a caring companion for a furry heart.  He’ll likely die before the new puppy will, so I think he should not be allowed to adopt any more pets with a 10-20 year lifespan.  His heart is already dead, so it’s only a matter of tme before the rest of his body catches up.

One thought on “Disposable Love.

  1. What an asshole. You are kinder and more gentle than I, because even if I didn’t speak aloud, my face would have told the story of what I thought of such a creature. And a “Hope you drop dead you old fucker” would have been on the tip of my tongue. Many people who don’t deserve them get angels with fur. I hope that lovely old boy (the dog) went to his reward quickly and without pain. This post brings tears with it because of the loss of my ‘old’ boy earlier this year. I sat with him until it was over. And yeah the vet’s office was damp from my bawling all over everything. I was also reminded of hubby, who, no doubt muttering the same words as the villain in your piece, took our terrier and put her down because he was tired of dealing with her throwing her neck out of joint and being in pain. I didn’t get to say goodbye and it was another stone in the net around the neck of our dying marriage. I could not envision being so heartless. I cannot envision being so heartless. And I think there must be a special hell for those sorts of creatures where they see the evil they engendered and the good acts they COULD have performed instead. I’m glad Katie has a kind and gentle mistress who loves her. They deserve all the love we can give them.

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