Vanity’s death.


Feet are pretty basic and a vital work tool for getting around.  As my COPD progresses and I end up with niggling complications, the first thing to fall is my vanity.

I thought I lost my vanity years ago, but I do like a pretty foot and a painted toenail.

Unfortunately, while I have been to the podiatrist for diabetes-related feet issues, there was nothing to be done about my white-spotted toenails.  It’s not an infection.  It just appears to be normal aging of the body and lack of oxygen showing up in the color of my toenails.

The only recommendation?  No nail polish.

With the diabetes-related ingrown toenails causing their own level of aggravation, I’m wearing a lot of flip flops to ensure that my toenails aren’t obstructed making the ingrown nail progress worse.

Since it’s now November 1st, it’s time to start wearing sox and shoes again, so the nails are finally naked.  Vulnerable.  Ugly.

I’ll give it a couple of weeks and see if they improve at all.  My one girlie vanity is painted toenails.  Hopefully, this problem resolves itself pretty quickly, as I’m not looking forward to painful and ugly feet.

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