Homeopathic support – COPD


As informed by Billy Dursens, also known as the CrossDrove Writer, and author of the WheezingAway blog, November is  COPD Awareness Month.  In particular, it’s a lead up to COPD Awareness Day:

COPD Day Nov 18

While we have much to be thankful during this month of November, in my case it’s the internet that helps me with my homeopathic research, as well as tracking cutting edge research into COPD treatments and cures.

COPD Stem Cell Options 02NOV15 StemGenex

In particular, I’m doing everything that I can to avoid becoming incapacitated for as long as possible, while also ceasing my daily employment with my Doctor’s permission and support.   Despite my company’s health plan, Aetna, denying my claim for disability benefits (for now), I’m putting my 401K on the line to keep body and soul together while continuing to research options such as that promoted by StemGenex for stem cell replacement therapy for the lungs.

Having already spent most of the first years of my childhood in bed,


there is no way I’m planning to go gently into the night as a bedridden old woman.

Old bedridden Woman

While I *detest* inhalers with a passion (they are great in the short term, but potentially deadly in the longer term for their side effects), I will use them on a limited basis.

I noted as far back as 1979 that the rate of asthma deaths were increasing in economically advantaged countries (way before the easy research days of the internet) where inhaler use was becoming the ‘go to’ therapy of choice, I determined that I would leave inhalers, like oxygen, in my “war chest” for only extreme moments.  My goal was to not use those treatments on a daily basis as the rate of death was rising in response to their use, and weakening other organs.

It only took until 2006 or so for the professional researchers to begin to document what I’d noted empirically, and support my claims that the side effects were a major concern for people trying to have a high quality of active  life without risking death from the “helping” tools of the medical profession:

Asthma Inhaler Deaths 2006    Asthma Deaths 2010

I know, I know.  I sound like a loon.  But, having just finished yet another inhaler study where the side effects for Anoro Ellipta and Striverdi Respimat far outweighed their benefits in the long term for me, I will try homeopathic remedies time and again because the risk of doing permanent damage is much less.

So, today’s comment is about how my Type 2 Diabetes (also rumored to be a side effect of the asthma medicines that I do consume) is leading me into new homeopathic cures for my Asthma/COPD.

Most days, I wake with a sore, scratchy throat.  Congestion. It doesn’t quit until I cough up a lung and have been sitting upright for a couple of hours.

Under the new diabetes dietary rules that I’m trying to craft and follow (craft, because I have a huge list of dietary issues, so I take the best practices, and bend them to fit what I can eat and tolerate well), Gingersnaps kept showing up.

Some Gingersnaps are better than others for giving me the runs, etc., so you need to look at your list of ingredients and see if they have been diluted by the use of molasses (which works like an anti-constipation treatment on me), or are mostly comprised of the spice “ginger”.

In my case, Stauffer’s brand is tolerated well, has only 120 calories per 4 cookies, and works as a great final rinse from my high protein breakfast (egg and ham omelet with ketchup).

So, I have a 2-fer.  An aid for COPD morning congestion help, as well as something that I enjoy which doesn’t cause my Type 2 Diabetes to go berserk*.  (*Type 2 diabetes goal is to keep your blood sugar between 70 and 130 bg, and to try and keep it under 180 bg after eating anything, as well as returning to under 130 bg within 2 hours of having eating anything).  Simple to track all that math, right?

Barbie Math is Hard

At any rate, I tell you all that to tell you this – YOU are your BEST RESOURCE for how you deal with whatever disease you may have.  No one else has as much skin in the game for improving how you feel, or drawing the line for insisting that the generally accepted treatments are or are not the right fit for you.

It’s COPD Awareness Month, and I hope that you take this time to appreciate how well your lungs work, and what they do to keep the rest of your engine functional.

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