Perspective. Oct 2015 review.


Disability perspective, a month in.

My honey-do list for cleaning is still a mile long, and I have no new jewelry made (so I’ve been being good, and not slacking off to do non-work things).

Still dealing with daily exhaustion, however, not having to be anyplace at any specific time is really making a difference for my overall energy level.  Per the list above, I actually got a few things accomplished, even if the house is still a cluttered mess.

No news yet about my disability claim.  The insurance company for my employer is still refusing to pay my bi-monthly paycheck, believing that I can live on air, and the Doc has finally been able to complete his part of the State Disability paperwork.  Hopefully, there won’t be yet more forms for him to manually complete as I work toward an answer on my particular situation.

I’m ready to start November feeling a little better (no further heart issues), and focused on getting the rest of the items on my honey-do list before my house guest arrives on November 20th.

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