Homework. Done. For now.


Ok.  Yesterday was reasonably productive.

– Appointment made for physical therapist for my arm?  Check.

– Therapist selected and appointment made for initial discussion about chronic illness, current situation, and life coaching options about my choices and plans?  Check.

– Made it to swim class and stuck it out for an hour?  Check.

– Sleeping in the car again between errands as I ran out of energy after swim class?  Check.

I’ve got my schedule lined up between now and 11/17, so it’s time to work on the monthly budget, get back to cleaning, and get organized for the Winter.  So far, my budget’s holding out as it’s not gotten too cold yet but I’m worried about the $400 a month hearing bill once it starts to get cold for Nov – Feb.  Finger’s crossed that this will be a warmer Winter than usual to help conserve my funds.

2 thoughts on “Homework. Done. For now.

  1. I’m so impressed! The organization, the foresight and the planning are wonderful! I hope for a warmer winter for you too…like the one Utah enjoyed last year…we had two or three storms and it never really got very cold at all. The downside? The drought. That drought business is real scary. But $400 a month? My goodness! Don’t they have a equal pay budget plan for that? They do here and I have actually gotten money back a time or two when they overestimated how much usage would occur. Always a nice surprise.

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  2. Officially, I make too much money for any kind of help. Until I get through a year without any income at all, or can show a monthly income from anyone at a much lower level to demonstrate my new reality, that’s just how it’s going to be as there are many more people in tougher circumstances than me. I’m overpaid for moving or anything else in the short term, and with no income coming in, my choices are very limited until that situation gets resolved.

    Luckily, it won’t get as cold here as it gets in UT, but I live in what amounts to an uninsulated “cottage”, and it is what it is. Thank heaven I’m a fan of flannel and sweatshirts and will wear a hat indoors to keep warm. Katie’s got her own fur coat, but she does tend to pray to the god of oil filled radiators once the cold sets in…

    I had good luck last year with pots of water on the stove. And, I built a ceramic convection oven / radiant heater that helped to keep this place warm and cut about $100 off the monthly heating bill through the use of a tea light candle for 4-8 hours at a time.

    But, last year I went to work and Australia, so I wasn’t home during the worst parts of the Winter as much as I’m presuming I’ll be for this year. Everything’s ok, but I’m trying to plan ahead and get my monthly expenses to about $2,300 to $2,500 from my 401k loans so that I can make my $ stretch.

    Didn’t get paid again today, so now I’m going to do the paperwork for the second 401k loan so that I’ll have money coming in, and then can apply for a hardship withdrawel to pay it all back. Gyrations. Gimmicks. Paperwork games. Whatever they want to call jerking me around, I’m gearing up to win this battle. It’s all good.

    Happy Friday, and thanks for stopping by.


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