2 thoughts on “On a tear… Am I wrong ?

  1. Go get ’em!! I don’t honestly believe it’ll make any difference, BUT it MIGHT. And if you’re one of the ones that makes that horrible ‘insurance’ giant conglomerate LISTEN? Then you will be feted and the bards will sing of you. Oddly, that is the same company that I’m currently trying to get shed of. They weren’t the one I chose, but they gobbled up my company at some point. And I wouldn’t choose Aetna if it were given away free. I’ve found them (both in my professional life and personally) to be one of the worst insurances there is. My condolences.

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  2. Oh, they are horrible. Horrible ! I’m so sorry you have to deal with them, too.

    As for bards singing my praises – nope, we know that ain’t gonna happen, LOL. I beat the utility company into the ground in 4 different lawsuits, and they are still going around blowing up things and killing people. They clearly outlasted me in that little war.

    But, if you don’t try, you’re already screwed. So, I may regret it later, but for now … they got what they asked for. Simple as that.


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