Self-defeating Anger

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How do you keep from shooting yourself in the foot with your own anger, when your normal method of resolving insanity is to walk away?

I am in the fight of my life with an insurance company that is digging through non-relevant records (where I tried to find a solution to a problem), and they are wasting my / our time.

This is the same idiotic insurance company (a different branch) who took almost five (5) months to determine that a CT scan wasn’t “experimental”…

If I have to use my 401K funds for the next few months to live on, I’m going to be broke and homeless.  And, there’s no repercussions for the insurance company to drag its feet, which is equally frustrating.

I know others have gotten through this disability process without losing their minds, and I don’t know how they did it.  Seriously.  Working would be so much more productive than dealing with this level of pointless time wasting and insanity.  And watching my money start to be eaten away is scary.

I have to go through the employer’s insurance agent before I can get to the Feds.  Is it too much foolishness to wish they’d simply deny my claim so that I could hire a lawyer to take this battle on?

I realize it’s been less than 60 days for this process to date, but given how long it took the bureaucrats to determine that they weren’t doctors, and pay at least part of my CT scan costs, I’m not liking the angry feelings I’m dealing with every day as I battle the frustration involved in trying to get a fair hearing.

No answers here, but my neck is seized up and killing me.  I *need* to get out and go swimming today.  And do laundry.  And get the bed made…  The “honey do” list is endless, and all I’m feeling is self-defeating anger which robs me of focus and the ability to shake it off and move on.

2 thoughts on “Self-defeating Anger

  1. Why do you have to go through a moron to get to the feds? Call around and make sure you have to do that step that way. I’d start with the medicare disability website and see what I could find there. I’d demand a meeting with a human being to explain this whole nightmare. I’ve never heard of such hogwash in my life. Even my husband, who had three denials before he was granted his disability (even though he could no longer do the only job he was qualified for) didn’t have to put up with this much shit. I filled out forms and took ’em straight to my lawyer and she did the rest. The wait time is horrendous, ain’t gonna sugar coat THAT, and maybe I’m out of touch because I hear that everything has changed vis a vis laws now, but my god. I’m anxious to hear why you have to wait for that idiot at that incompetent insurance company before you can move forward.

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  2. Thanks. I expected 6 months to a year of hassle, and have the budget. I just don’t want to lose this fight because the forms are costing me a $133 office visit (because they won’t pay those bills, either!)

    Once the state approves me (assuming they do) the insurance company will have to fall in line. Until we get to that point, though, I’m feeling f#%€! and not in a good way.


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