The Paperwork Game

Paperwork Game

I’ve done what I could to get my claims submitted within the timeframe that the Company’s (my employer’s) Agent set – October 16th was the deadline.

I began the paperwork chase on August 25th, once it was clear that the doctor would support my request to be put on disability due to the car accidents and my breathing levels being below what disability allows.

However, despite almost 6 weeks of effort, we hit the deadline on the 15th with me receiving only 5 days of medical sick day coverage (instead of the 100% of my paycheck that the employee benefits plan says I should be receiving).  I especially loved the phone call from the Agent, who only manages to call when I’m not near the phone, indicating that my disability claim has been “suspended”.


Not approved nor denied, but “suspended”.  I can feel the firey flames of hell licking at my feet…

Efforts to get the Agent to return my call were fruitless (but, hey, she can talk to “Riccardo” for 20 minutes about why she can’t talk to me… go figure!).

Sick Before

To compound the joys of exhaustion and inability to see the computer screen very well, I have to try and get these lovely, helpful [sarcasm] agents to instruct me on what it is that I need to have the slimmest hope in hell of getting approved.

In this case, the doctor doesn’t do paperwork.

He’s a great guy – don’t get me wrong – but he’s on strike for dealing with the insurance companies, so it’s like pulling teeth for getting him to follow up on the 1,001 pieces of additional information the case manager / agent claims she needs before she can proceed with my case.

So, Thursday and Friday were spent chasing the doctor and putting together my own test results as well as case notes from the doctor’s online portal, and completing that paperwork for him.

Hopefully, they will accept test results and office visit notes downloaded from his patient portal as sufficient to deal with restarting my paperwork for getting paid for disability from my company.

Tomorrow, however, will be spent chasing the State disability people (a whole other group) to see if they got what they needed from the doctor, or if I’m on hold with them, too.

Seriously, I’d much rather be working and pulling in a paycheck than dealing with this bureaucratic hassle.  No one in their right mind wants money enough to put up with the paperwork game unless there was no better choice.

Disability Thief

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