Some days are better than others

Strangling In Clothing

I meant to write this post on Saturday, after I freaked myself out while swimming, but I got distracted by men’s lingerie

because I couldn’t find the right image to illustrate what was happening.

For the most part, I’m enjoying my daily swimming.  However, while the pool is usually 87 or 88 degrees, as it’s getting colder, it’s harder to stay in the pool as it’s just not warm enough.

I can manage about an hour, and then I have to get out because I’m freezing.

Just not a hearty soul, when it comes to being cold.

So, I’ve been wearing a polyester biker’s cap while in the pool.  It’s less restrictive than a bathing cap, and it allows a little bit of air on my head so that I don’t overheat.  Overheating is a major concern, as my menopausal fluctuations are all over the place, and come out of nowhere.

Taking advice from others at the pool, I decided to buy a polyester (they only let us wear polyester in the pool – no cotton) pullover shirt with arms so that I could see if it kept me warmer.

Oh, it did.  Especially to the point where I began the session having difficulty breathing, then threw a menopausal heat rush about 10 minutes into the class, and then couldn’t get out of the top fast enough, once my breathing went kaflooey and my body temperature began to rise.

Intantaneous Human Combusion

My teacher pulled me aside, and suggested a top with a zip front (doh!) vs. the more readily available pullovers as a potential solution to my problem.

Not sure if that’s going to help with the claustrophobia / heat constriction problem that’s been happening when I’m simply trying to cool down, but I’ll give anything a try.

Best comment of the day, though?  One of the other ladies noticed that I didn’t talk much when I was in class, and she noticed that I was struggling but it was nice to speak with me.  We both had to laugh when I explained that I could either talk or I could swim, but I couldn’t do both, which is why I was struggling.  Sometimes, I can’t get out of my own way for following my own rules for concentrating on biofeedback and steady, zen-like breathing in order to complete the exercise session as intended.  At any rate, I got through the social game with a smile, didn’t cause any offense, and managed to make it in the pool for 2 hours on Saturday (vs. a single hour).

So, some day’s it’s all about perseverance.  And, diligence pays off; despite the struggle.

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