Passing For Normal – weirdness from another friend


I have “passed for normal” my entire life.  So, it was very surprising to hear from a good friend, a girl I met in high school when we were both 14, and who was another off-and-on roommate – that she had no idea of my health issues.


She moved to CA in 1984, and I followed her here in 1985.  I have a clear-as-crystal mental image of me talking to her, standing in the kitchen of our shared apartment, sick as a dog with pneumonia, while making chicken soup in the Spring of 1986.  She’s seen me unable to breathe, congested, and exhausted.

I can’t think that I would have asked her for a doctor’s reference (I didn’t find my current “keeper” until 1992) without her having at least some idea of what I needed in a GP.  But, she says not.

So, she’s suddenly become concerned about my health and is wanting to come down and visit me right before Thanksgiving.  First, she wanted to know what was going on, so I gave her my history:

Everything seemed fine, until now she’s coming down to see me at Thanksgiving.  Seriously?  Driving hours and hours… And then where will she stay?  Sh-i-i-it – time to clean !

Not sure why this is suddenly a crisis, but I’ll look forward to seeing her.  Not going to like having to debate any of my choices with her, though, since she’s a nurse, and we have very dissimilar views on the “sanctity” of life.

2 thoughts on “Passing For Normal – weirdness from another friend

  1. Aw, you are strong enough in personality to stand for what you believe in vis a vis ‘sanctity of life’ without being a total ass about it. I also can’t believe that you’d be friends (the kind who come and stay with you) with someone who wasn’t a good person, even if you differ on the details of such things as quality of life and whatever. Just enjoy the visit, let the dust be (such as there is, I know with your condition dust is verboten) and have a good chat and visit. IF that’s what you want to do. If it isn’t (because you’re tired or you don’t feel up to company) tell her. If she’s that good a friend, she’ll understand.

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  2. Oh, she’s absolutely a BFF in friendship. But, there’s no way my house is good enough for guests. I’ve let a lot of things slide, so this will give me motivation to move my butt.


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