Aches, Pains and Whining


Had a wonderful time at the wedding, but my thighs ache like I spent the day horseback riding vs. simply walking and sitting.  (Man, those ladies spanks undergarments must provide QUITE the workout).  Nothing’s bothering me on my breathing, despite having skipped my meds yesterday, so this funk is surprising.

Came home from the wedding after a lovely day, and after a nice evening in a hotel.  I’d purchased a room with a whirlpool, but the gap between the side of the tub and the floor was a bit intimidating, and so I ended up not using it.  My tired body is now telling me I made a bad decision.

Since I didn’t do a lot on Sunday beyond walk into the house and go to bed – I even left my suitcase in the car – my sluggishness surprised / continues to surprise me.

This morning, my thighs are still tender and achey, and I’ve already missed my first swim class opportunity for 8:30 am.  I need to jump in the car and at least go use their easy access whirlpool, but I’m dragging my butt.  Not sure why everything should be so tender.  I wore flat soled sandals, and was very well behaved in my adventures.  Yes, I walked a bajillion steps down and then up again from the chappel, but nothing hurt at the time.


Today, I wanted to get my room cleaned and my jewelry workbench organized, but the bed is beckoning…

So far, I’ve at least managed to get the window fan down, and cleaned the bathroom screen from a Summer’s worth of hard work.  The fan is in the tub so that I can clean it while I take my shower and then store it for the Winter.  And yet still I lollygag…  There’s just something about stripping naked to get into a cool pool vs. a warm hot tub that just isn’t working for me this morning.  Before I do any of that, though, I need to brave my warm shower and I’m so not feeling it.  It’s not cold in the house, and I’m not freezing, so it’s quite a puzzlement about why I’m malingering.

Luckily, there are YMCA classes throughout the day, and I still have a shot at redemption for getting my butt in gear.  If only I could find the motivation.

Horseback riding artwork credit:  wallpapers 4 all freeware

my photo from Nestledown, showing the chappel and main staircase.

3 thoughts on “Aches, Pains and Whining

  1. I got a word for you: Adrenaline. I don’t know if it’s the reason that you COULD ” Yes, I walked a bajillion steps down and then up again from the chappel, but nothing hurt at the time.”, but I ‘spect so. The anticipation and endorphins (good ones) engendered by the event and your enjoyment of it are probably why you didn’t feel anything amiss at the time (especially with the missed meds). I don’t know that and I’m no doctor (I don’t even play on the internet)..but experience has taught me that I’m going to regret over-doing things later that at the time seem fine and reasonable. And I always regret it if I forget my medication..that’s becoming a MUST. Go soak. Rest. Presently I suspect your body will forgive you and will return to status quo. Right now it’s apparently calling you a name I can’t use on here for fear of reprisal by the censorship police. The tiredness and dragged out feeling is also (I suspect, I don’t KNOW) a consequence of mild depression engendered by the let down of having the event now over and you’re having to return to life as you know it. At least that’s what happens to me. I’ll look forward to something, it’s great, I have a really good positive time, but for a couple of days afterward I’m rather blue. Tired. Achy. No motivation. My equilibrium has to catch up with the fact that the high I was on anticipating the fun event is now over. I hope you feel better real soon whatever the cause of your malaise..

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  2. You are most kind, as we know there’s whining in the above. I agree about the adrenaline, but not about the depression. I know when I’m out of sorts and feeling blue, and that’s generally when I’ve spent too much time at home. As a rule, I love the end of events, as I’m no longer “on”, and can finally relax.

    Luckily, my dislike of crowds and social events means that I’m more than happy to leave the party as soon as decently permissible, as was the case Saturday night. In true party pooper style, I was ready to leave as soon as the first bus showed up.

    I think Sunday and Monday were lasting side effects from the log fire I was parked near, and then the fog machine, too. I often have acerbations of my breathing difficulties after spending time in the woods (yes, I’m apparently allergic to “too much” fresh air, LOL). Not having the breathing stimulant in my system on Sunday didn’t help, but having slept past mid-day, I didn’t want to take it at 4pm and then be up all night. Normally, having missed a dose poses no difficulties, but my entire body was sore like it was oxygen deprived and wicked tender as if I’d run a marathon.

    I dragged (and I mean that literally) my butt to the pool yesterday day, and it took a good 2+ hours of movement before I was warm enough and unkinked enough for my body to stop hurting. Forced myself to skip my afternoon nap (and I could have used it) but it seems like everything is back to normal today with just my right side being messed up vs. my entire body.

    Trying to motivate myself to make the 8:30 cool plunge deep water class, but I’m thinking the 9:30 class in warmer, shallower water is more likely… Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions…


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