Exhaustion and pre-planning


Today’s the big day.

One of my youngest cousins is getting married, and so there will be a semi-formal event up on a mountainside in Santa Cruz.  I had no knowledge of this event space prior to receiving the invitation, and I’m excited to be sharing their special day.  The location appears to be welcoming and magical, and every thought has been followed up to ensure the guests comfort – including providing a shuttle to and from the hotel.

image   image  image   image

As I’ve been juggling activities to try and stay busy, I haven’t been able to determine if my challenge is over-estimating my endurance, or if I truly can’t keep up now that my life has slowed down and I no longer am forced to try and bull my way through daily events.

Not wanting my real struggles to be a factor in someone else’s special day, I’ve decided to conserve my energy, skipping going to the YMCA today, in the hope that the adrenelin rush I’ll get from being out in public and at a very visible social event won’t also do its bit to exhaust me.  Yes, I’m being both a slacker AND thougtful, LOL !

As the Bill Murray-inspired Deviant Art posted image from salis2006 shows, I have my dress and I feel pretty, oh so pretty, as I get ready to attend today’s happy event.  Today will be spent in a flurry of primping and preparing:

image  image

while I work to keep my seldom used makeup applying skills under control to achieve an enhanced “natural” look vs. my fears of looking like a linebacker in a dress.  (Yes, these are the thoughts one has, when being referred to as a “handsome” woman vs. a “pretty woman” growing up).

Can’t wait to see the beautiful bride on her special day !

As for you – I hope you’re enjoying yourself and have something fun planned for the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Exhaustion and pre-planning

  1. AUGGH. WordPress is futzing around with my comments…I had a whole paragraph written and it ‘ate’ it. Damn. NOW..let us begin again and hope this isn’t going to be repeated through vagaries of software programs and operator error…

    To sum up what I said before:
    Bill Murray: Creepy. I will have nightmares about that picture – it is truly horrifying. I don’t much care for Bill Murray, never have and that’s why. THe ‘art’ is most interesting though.
    You will look beautiful – not like the Alice Cooper clone in the red and black dress. No linebackers there I bet.
    “Handsome” is better than “interesting” and is (in my opinion) far better than “pretty”. It means (to me) that you’ll become one of those stunningly beautiful older women through good bones and character in your face, rather than those faded and admittedly sad looking ‘pretty’ women of our youth.
    Uh…OH YEAH.. have a great weekend! The location is gorgeous and peaceful looking so RELAX and just enjoy!! I expect to see pictures of you in your gown!

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  2. No pictures of me in the dress yet, from all the pictures taken and shared. I am crashing a shot of the bride and groom going down the aisle, so there’s at least a headshot, LOL.

    As for the event – it was wonderful ! So many of us women got our heels stuck in the grass lawn area that I’m especially thankful I wore flats.

    The Groom moved to the USA when he was 13, as his family was escaping the fall of Russia, and it was wonderful to have his extended family from the Ukraine here. It was amazing to learn how they managed travel through bribery and careful planning to get 4 family members to the USA for the wedding. A war zone has nothing on an Auntie, Uncle and Cousins determined to show up for a family event ! (And, they may have been pulling my leg, but I’m doubtful).

    Everything was lovely, and it wasn’t until I was sitting next to a smokey fire and a fog machine that breathing became an issue. I avoided actual dancing, doing my part to conserve my energy through chair dancing, and it was all magical.

    Today I’m congested and headachy, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. So pleased to have shared a fun time with the Bride and Groom.


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