Fighting the meds


It’s the close of workday # 4 without a place to be.  Having insisted on giving up the Anoro and Striverdi for side effects, a month into the process my body is feeling a little better while my lungs are still struggling to go back to what they were used to enduring.

Still dealing with daily pain on my right side in terms of my arm and hand aggravation.  Probably heart related, too, but I haven’t done anything about that as I don’t want aggressive measures for my medical care.  My daily swimming classes are pushing my lung endurance, exhausting me, and it’s forcing me back to the inhaler, xopenex, which causes a catch-22 for bone density issues plus hand and arm pain.

However, I’m getting out each day and trying to remain busy.

My local YMCA doesn’t have a good “active” senior deep water program during the daytime hours, so I’m heading over to Palo Alto for the second time this week.  The reward after a full hour of deep water exercise in a cooler (water temperature) pool is that Palo Alto also has a whirlpool.  Yowza !

There’s nothing I love better than a jacuzzi, and the pounding water jets will give my lungs a good workout to help clear them out, which is an added bonus.  Still not sure if I’m going to take the xopenex today (I used it on Monday, and it wiped me out), but we’ll see how things go once I’m up and have started my day.

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