Today’s goals – ride up to Davenport and Sea Glass hunting



I am fortunate to live by the ocean and below the foothills, and to be able to journey over the foothills to the open sea.  Along the journey, I may see deer and other small animals, or I may just marvel at the majestic redwoods as I keep busy today.


There are many days when I must simply sit and possess myself of patience as the weather is too iffy or my health too rocky to venture far.  Luckily, today isn’t one of those days.

I’m off to see Davenport Beach, and determine if there are any remnants of the artists’ sea glass debries to be found.  Although Steve Lundgren has left this earthly plane, the 1970 flood that caused his damaged or disliked sea glass to leave his back yard and float away down the St Vincent River, still shows us pieces of beauty, trapped forever as sea glass.  The remnants of his talent live with us as pebbles of sea glass, if one is lucky enough to live close enough to beach comb.


Whatever you’re doing today – I hope it bring you joy.

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