Happy Sunday !


Got through yesterday without needing a nap, which is a great comfort to me.  Absolutely tired.  Packed my inhaler.  But, I went through about five 12-20 oz containers of Dasani water and ice, due to the incredible heat wave, and it was all good !

We have our booth stationed between olive-based soaps on the right, and exotic, olive-based condiments on the left (no idea why for either topic, we’re just noticing a theme and happy to be in the shade for most of the day, LOL).

On this day last year, my NV Auntie was going off the rails, and I ended up flying standby to Las Vegas the following weekend (thanks to a very dear friend who went with me) because I’d made the vow to let Auntie’s situation be what it was, and I was no longer jumping through hoops for a situation that I can’t make better.

When the latest drama all came down, I made the decision to put Auntie’s situation into the hands of Adult Protective Services, and I’ve never regretted it for a moment since.  There are some things that all the love and attention in the world can’t fix without professional intervention, and this particular situation remains in that arena.

But, I tell you all that to tell you this…  Whatever happens with the disability decision, I’m ok with the outcome.  While I would never want to end up like my Aunt, lying in bed moaning about what a dirty hand life has dealt me, I’m going to hope that my disability journey has a different outcome.

I’m going to continue to set challenges for myself, and focus on the fact that the breathing numbers (not my total incapacity) set the limit for how to manage my life, and do not dictate what that life can still be.  As long as I plan ahead and keep on trying, I will continue to enjoy myself and risk the consequences of any poor choices.

For today, it’s starting off pretty good.  The pen is holding (I broke part of our tent roof structure yesterday, when the support pin wouldn’t align into place, but rather dropped back inside the support leg, out of reach to do its job).


MacGuyver lives !  A $.99 pen is keeping a $100 investment going, LOL !

My partner made $231 and I made $93, so we’re at a little over $300 for Day 1.

We’re in an area with heavy church goers, but they love their outdoor events, and so today should be another good day and lots of fun.

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday !

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