Final show weekend of the year


Keeping involved in life, whether feeling great or feeling crappy, is important for everyone.  Having a hobby, even if not a full-blown passion, is critical, IMHO, to remaining mentally balanced while things may be crashing and burning elsewhere in life.

In my case, I make and sell jewelry.

Nothing too fancy.  Usually something fun.  Inexpensive trinkets, that hopefully make people smile or bring a momentary joy into their lives.

As I’m preparing for today’s event, I’m happy to say that getting off the more powerful COPD meds is having a bit of an improved effect of not being EXHAUSTED all the time.  I’m still tired.  I still need naps.  But, while I have less stamina to do things without breathing difficulties, I am also finding that I am able to stay awake longer.  The habit of going until I must crash seems to be lessened.

Today is going to be a very physical day. I have my fingers crossed that I won’t need a nap and that things should be ok.  Here’s to my last show of 2015 – let’s hope it goes well !

And you?  What’s up for your Saturday?

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