COPD side effects – urinary retention? Jeeze Louise !


If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

The latest hassle appears to be urinary retention.  Now, I stopped taking the Striverdi Respimat as of September 7th, however, it’s the 25th and I’ve been noticing an increasing pressure / need to pee, to the point where I couldn’t even walk around for an hour today without having to hit a public restroom.  Looking up the side effects of that particular medicine, I just found “urine retention” in the fine print, which could explain a lot of what’s been going on since last weekend or so.

Having had my bladder repaired in a surgery when I was 5, I understand about bladder issues and hate them.

Sitting here with my eyes blurry, my back sore, and feeling full has finally brought me back to memories of my childhood and constant urinary infection tests.  Not wanting to aggravate things by swimming, I haven’t been back since my Monday night class, and I’m frustrated.  I can’t believe that it took me until this evening to remember about urinary retention and catheters.  (Sigh).

Denial is persistent and strong in me, so I guess I should be happy I remembered this challenge at all.

So, I’ll hope that the next two days aren’t horrible for not having access to rest rooms or portapotties, and I’ll go see if acidolphidis (or howevayaspell it) is able to cure urinary retention.

I really don’t want to be cathetered to eliminate this problem and (hopefully) cure my blurry vision and back pain.  I’m trying to remember to be thankful that I have the internet to help me beat a hospital energency room visit…

I really don’t have time for this drama.

2 thoughts on “COPD side effects – urinary retention? Jeeze Louise !

  1. Okay, I note that in another post (later one) you are still not feeling too well. It’s TIME to go see the doctor apparently. No fudging around. I’d like you around to bounce ideas off of, and for you to be the go-to on-line pseudo-physician for me. It’s totally selfish, but I do worry. It’s sounds perhaps as if you’re at the beginnings of a BLADDER (versus urinary tract) infection. The pain, the frequent urination, the back pain and all….still you know yourself better than anyone else..but still. GO. TO. THE. HEALTHCARE. OF. YOUR. CHOICE…ER or Doc!! Okay? Keep us informed..


  2. Still thinking about it. Got through Saturday with 5 bottles of 12-20 oz of water at a time, and very few restroom runs as I was sweating it out. Ditto Sunday.

    Made it through a full days’ work today, last of the boxes packed up, and home in time for swim class.

    ER is there, and I’ve been thinking about it, but the pain is still plateaued vs. changing, so I don’t think I’m being ridiculous for risky behavior. I’ll go on Thursday, presuming that Wednesday is my last day of work, and if it’s still nagging at me.

    No worries, I am paying attention.


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