Do I have any Friday thoughts?


I bought a wicked “Smaht” phone in early August, and I’m still having trouble adjusting to it.  One of the craziest things to learn involved the fact that everything which used to be built into the prior handset now needs to be located and installed off the net.  Or, so it seems to me.

Even things as simple as loading in a pay-as-you-go prepaid phone minutes card needed me to first download an app.  And create a linkage to my gmail account.  And load a credit card (which I will *NEVER* give it permission to use).  Seriously ?!!  Who has time for this insanity?

I first bought an Android Optimus Prime via Net10 (big mistake; I think it was a Transformer in another life – I keep waiting for it to convert into something useful vs. simply expensive).   Anyway… that testing period cost me $20 for the handset, $35 for the first month’s usage, $38 for the second month’s usage, countless hours spent programming the thing, etc., etc., etc.   I have a prepaid $40 card sitting there, unused, because I gave up on their licensed theivery and let the month’s service expire without refilling it. Just didn’t like the phone and the reality of its “pay as you go” minimum amounts ripoff plan.

Next, I went back to Tracfone and ordered a new handset from them.  Another useless “smahtypants” phone that’s oh so dumb!  This one is an Android Patriot.  I feel like I should salute when using it or something, the “patriot” theme is just so bizzare.  For a phone, of all things !

But, it at least works.  Eventually.

Yesterday, I picked it up and some sort of message flagged itself on the handset for 5 whole seconds, indicating that I had nine (9) messages.  9 ?  How is that possible?   Never heard it ring.  There’s no flag constantly visible giving me a vmail count.  Just like there’s no flag or note showing me I missed a call, and who the caller had been.

image  image   image

So, remembering that I had to call myself (crazy!) in order to get voicemail, I listened through a series of calls without any identifying information, i.e., “Saved (or recorded) on Tuesday, September 15th, at 10:15am”.  My prior to last phone didn’t have that information audibly at the start or end of each call, but it would offer you the option to open the envelope to hear the message details.  Relatively simple, right?

At any rate, just to prove I’m not completely out of my mind…  The Unimax Max Android Patriot Phone… Image as brought to you by The Dollar General Store:


The bane of my life.

But, I’m not a quitter.  I know that the Roomie’s nephew works for Google and has an Android phone.  (The family is seperated into the Android vs. Apple camp – it’s like getting between the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s – also crazy!).  However, T was there, and I wasn’t shy about asking him for help.

Exhonerated !

He couldn’t bring up the missed calls or vmail prompt either.  Yesssssss !

So, I may be slowing down, but I’m not completely befuddled.  Yet.

Not a bad way to start a Friday, though.  Haven’t exactly won.  Didn’t really lose.  I’m holding ground as I get ready to start my weekend.  I’ll give it a year, and see how my health goes and if I get smarter once I’m no longer wiping out my energy to keep up.  May even pick up an “Android for Dummies” book to see if it will help me use it’s features.  The minutes are good in that handset until 2043 (yes, I use it so much and underutilize my minutes so it’s now carried forward to the point where I don’t have to buy another card to keep my minutes – I keep them forever and just add cards when needed vs. when the phone company is hungry for income).

And you?  How’s your Friday going?

2 thoughts on “Do I have any Friday thoughts?

  1. Friday is good. 🙂 You can, if you have the time, always Google Android + simple thing you want the stupid (not smarht) phone to DO and in theory get two million and fifty four different answers as to how to program the phone. I got one in late July/early August and am still learning. One thing I found out is that “they” (they being the mass rabble who sell accessories and gew-gaws for the Android) don’t like Android. The I-phone is God right now apparently. I went to every possible store here to try and buy an impact case for my phone because tile floors and clumsy fingers = expensive disaster waiting to happen..the impact case will >hopefully< lessen the damage if I drop the damn thing – and nobody carried one for my particular TYPE of Android. I finally found one on-line that I like and which was reasonable. I'm still shaking my head at the sheer waste involved in developing these things so fast that the old one is barely out of its packing before it's obsolete….maybe the phones are 'smart'…the humans haven't caught up. Best of wishes to YOU with this battle. Sheer determination will win the day!

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  2. I am running into the same issue you raised with the case, and haven’t yet broken down and ordered on online yet. Instead, I bought a new ladies wallet/purse that fits it well until I find something better. So, I commiserate with you about your trevails.

    Even though I’m a big Apple fan, I don’t want to be the zombie apocalypse of phone users, so I went with the Android for zero forced month-to-month costs and to try and avoid becoming one of those people who go everywhere looking at their phones vs. seeing others / making small talk. I may not have many manners “lines”, but being on the phone 24×7 is a kepy one I will not tolerate crossing.

    Oh, and the search result google helps a lot. Hadn’t tried it for this one, but I’ll go that right now. Thank you !


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