Militant, much?


Let me start by saying I love and adore Gabriel Inglesias’s humor.

I like the fact that he calls us all on our dirty little secrets, or entitlements, and does it with humor.

I, unfortunately, am not as talented in being humorous in response.  Try as I might.  But, this picture on his news feed sparked an unfortunate need to chide him in the comments, asking for an explanation of why a man who honors women so much (his Mom and his girlfriend) would suddenly feel the need to surround himself with hootchie-cootchie women – props in the picture; nothing more than sexual furniture.  (I know, I can hear you sucking in a deep breath, as in, “Oh, no, she didn’t!”).  I went further and asked him if he’d gone “Hollywood”.

Now, if you followed Gabriel and ever saw his act, you’ll know the “Hollywood” routine I was referencing.

Unfortunately, my need to ask the question started a firestorm of nasty comments on Gabriel’s feed, which is all my fault because I jumped in with my two cents.  And it’s fair.  That’s what happens when one rumbles in the real world, even if the other readers were not the intended audience.

Just so you will know how ill-advised my comments can be, I also commented on here yesterday on another blogger’s post who felt that clothing informed the world about one’s gender, vs. one’s style, and (to paraphrase) was used by men to keep women down.  All while writing that she COULDN’T choose clothing more convenient or practical for her daily circumstances, as that wouldn’t allow her to express her feminine identity.  Or, something like that.  My Militant Feminist identity may have blinded me at that point.

So, I tell you all that to tell you this.  I am always speaking to the individual when asking questions or making “judgy” comments, but I also know I’m opening myself up to flack from other commenters as they want to defend their icon’s or friend’s viewpoint.  Fair enough.

I am not against a woman using her feminine beauty to get ahead.

I am not against women allowing themselves to be “exploited” (another hotbutton word) if that’s what they feel is in their best interests.

Men have been using their brawn to make a living for years, and since I’m for equality and generally don’t have the same physical strength, I’m all for people using what they have.  But, I’m also for both genders having a backup plan to survive when their physical prowess or beauty fades.

I was not making fun of nor denegrating the women in the pictures above, but I was challenging the Alpha male in the pictures to not sink to the level of using women as props.  He hasn’t needed that so far in his career, so I hate to think that he might be blinded into thinking less of women as his career progresses.

The dialog between men and women must be kept open and fluid if we are to continue to grow and prosper and get along.  If I see bullsh*t, I reserve the right to call it out.

And, if someone finds a lack of integrity in my comments for how I challenged their thinking, I respect their right to call me on it, too.  That’s it.  Accountability is all we have in this world, and if I’m out of line, I respect the individuals in this world enough to allow them their fair say.

Respectful dialog is very different from troll-ish behavior, and all non-trolls are welcome to participate in any forum where I hang out or promote my own thinking for consideration.

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