Making it “ok” to be sick for everyone else


The strangest part of this journey is telling everyone that I’m going out on leave, and I’m not coming back but I’m not dead yet.  A very surreal version of, “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina”.

I guess they believe they are getting out alive?

I don’t want to disappear (and I don’t want a good-bye party, as that could feel like a premature wake and get morbid pretty quick), but I also don’t want any fuss.  I have manners, though, as well as like many of the folks I work with, so it seems weird just to walk off the job to let the rumor committee go nuts.

Yet another moment of weirdness in my life.

2 thoughts on “Making it “ok” to be sick for everyone else

  1. To ME? It’s rude to ‘just disappear’. I’m glad you’re being upfront about the reasons, even if you don’t enjoy ‘fussin’. They in kind should be respectful and remember the ones you might feel are judgy are mostly all probably jealous of your good fortune (and it is in an odd way…I know it doesn’t seem that way to you right now). Have a pot luck lunch or something, let them wish you goodbye and good journey because some people really need closure. Our mutual acquaintance who did the flit recently has left ME feeling uneasy and worried. That’s why I would say let them send you off. You can choose the tone.

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