Da, da, dum, dum….. Dummmmmmmm ! (Dragnet theme)


Today, the paperwork trail begins.

The doc wants to fill out the disability certification “together”.  Why?

My company, CA short term Disability, and eventually the Feds for Social Security Disability all want to hear from him.  If they wanted to hear from me, I could do it myself, and simply send it in.  A month ago, when this whole process first began, he gave me his blessing to go on disability.  So, why do I feel like today is a test?

3 thoughts on “Da, da, dum, dum….. Dummmmmmmm ! (Dragnet theme)

  1. It’s just the start of things. It’s good he’s so involved in the process IMHO, because the form will be correct going in. Not that you couldn’t have filled it out properly and wouldn’t have done it right yourself of course…but something about that “MD” just makes them sit up and take notice I suppose.

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  2. True. I’m still just juggling feeling like a fraud or a wimp.

    I went into his office this evening armed with my routine (like I had to justify my weakness), and he said ‘no way!’ which was kind of refreshing.

    I’d noted my current routine as, “Maybe I could work half days, if they will let me work from home.” I justified this as:

    Average day – 1 to 2 hrs prep time before leaving for work (bathroom issues and chest clearing)
    – 1 hr to get to work
    – 4 to 6 hrs before fatigue sets in
    – napping daily; hot flashes impacting exhaustion
    – diabetes testing before driving anywhere
    – 1 hr drive home
    – prep for swim class (1 hr class, on average; 3-5 days, depending on tiredness); wiped out afterwards
    – pain in back / right side
    – bones hurt in arm / right wrist; shoulder better off Anoro / Striverdi, but still spasming
    – congestion; sore throat; dry mouth; potty issues for bladder retention
    – vision issues; swolen feet.
    – chest pressure. Heart issues?
    – sleeping sitting up whenever possible, as I can’t sleep more than 2 hrs without a pee run and then the back pain won’t let me go back to sleep. The body is now awake, which is highly aggravating.
    – meds impacting earlier bladder repair?

    He wrote: no more than 2 hours working per day. Situation variable, with more bad days than good. (And more along the same lines).

    I am sitting here exhausted yet still feeling like a fraud, as well as vindicated that he wants me doing less than I thought reasonable. Truly, the guy is a saint.

    So, now we go onto the part where it gets turned in, and my last day of work and for the next year is 9/30.

    Next week should be interesting…


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