Adoration. I don’t deserve her.


Miss Katie, the fur-coated diva, spends most of her life waiting around for me.

image  image  image

She gets pretty disgusted if I won’t pet her 24×7, but we have learned to make it work.

She hates the ipad with a passion, as it takes attention away from her.  She’s not shy about letting know I’m slacking off in the parenting department, either…

image  image  image

She just needs to be near me or touching me any time I’m at home.  Forget about getting jewelry made, as she never met a bead she couldn’t turn into a hockey puck in 2 seconds flat.

image  “Whatcha doing?”

Nothing is safe from her.

I know when she’s angry, as she shreds my ugly (but treasured) chair…


Despite all the dramas and hassles, she makes my house a home.


Even if she’s always got to be touching me, LOL.

And,  you?   Anything or anyone in particular make your house a home?  Inquiring minds would love to know…

2 thoughts on “Adoration. I don’t deserve her.

  1. Princess Diamond the Hunydog and the late Gypsy, Sausha and Toro..and all my other four foots who are waiting at Rainbow Bridge for me. THEY make it ‘home’…but Princess does it alone these days. I cannot imagine life without her, but I also am becoming firmly convinced that once she passes (many many years from now ((apologies to the Beatles and WHen I’m 64″)) I won’t replace her. Too much trauma associated with the deaths and too much else i want to do which can’t easily be done “with pet”. I love the pictures, you can tell Katie is a happy and well loved kitteh, who is relaxed and secure in her home. With her human. You’re both beautiful!

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  2. I hear you about the heart break of losing a pet. We lost DOTS (my prior feral kitty) in 2003, and it was heartbreaking. I’d gone in “just to look” in 2008, and Ms. Katie stole my heart.

    With my life winding down, I have her new home picked out in case she outlives me, and she will be the last pet I have as I don’t want to abandon an animal.

    Ms. Katie is very attached to me, to the point where she hissed at the Roomie this Summer when I took her for a visit. She’d always, ALWAYS adored the Roomie, so it was very strange to have her bare her teeth as Lis moved in to pet her. Very surprising. I’m hoping that she’s not becoming overly protective as she’s aware (if she is) of my declining health.

    The Roomie, however, is willing to take her on as a pet if anything happens to me before Katie, so that’s one more thing addressed in terms of next stage of life planning.

    I support your choice with Princess Huny, too, as they DO feel strong emotions, just like we do, and I agree it’s unfair to keep adopting after a loss if you’re likely to be outlived by the animal.

    If you choose, you can always foster for short-term situations, knowing that they will be going to a good home just as soon as one can be found. Or, you can pet sit. There’s always plenty of ways to keep the furbody connection.


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