To paraphrase Madeline Kahn…

I’m tired.  So tired.

It’s Fall, and I’m trying to find the energy to visit the boyfriend.  Just not feeling it.  Love him.  Love what we do for each other when we’re together.

But, to be honest, I’m basically lazy.  A 150 mile round trip is just too much right now.

We both work long hours, and while I don’t want to live together, I do miss him.

Just not enough to compromise.

3 thoughts on “To paraphrase Madeline Kahn…

  1. So split the difference and meet at a motel 75 for each of you? (just kidding around obviously). Phone him or text him or however you communicate and have a private party that way. Not as much fun as personal contact, but it’s still contact, right? And since I don’t know either of you IRL, that might be a really disgusting suggestion. Get some rest dear, and then see if you feel like the drive…

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  2. Oh, we talk all the time. Since we’re in a tug of war over my wish to use a hotel vs. having him at my messy home (he woukd make Martha Stewart feel like a slob), it’s his house or mine or nothing.

    So, nothing wins.

    I broke Ooma (my voice over IP via the iPad), and when talking to him last night I broke the headset to support my hands free efforts, it’s probably just as well I’m such a stubborn cus. As least I’m not dragging my grumpiness over to his house to soread the joy. Or, so I tell myself.


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