So, it’s Sunday and I feel fine

This is my version of the bluebird of happiness:


Caught in a moment of arching achievement, as the jay beats furiously against the winter winds to rise and fly, it’s a fleeting moment of beauty in an otherwise constant battle to survive against the elements and predators.

As I’m fresh from my bed, all rosy and warm before the early morning chill sets in, I have my chore list in front of me.  Only time will tell what will actually get done vs. what “should” be accomplished, but that’s ok.

Yesterday’s dose of Striverdi Respimat is still working.  My breathing feels clear.  I’m between 96 and 97% oxygen saturation level (great numbers when just sitting around).  My stomach isn’t hurting.  My back is only twingeing.  My forearms and wrists aren’t yet complaining of simple movements.  My upper shoulder is nagging me, but it’s tolerable.  That will likely change as I take today’s medicines and feel my body spasm against the medicine’s effects. But, in order to do more than simply sit in this chair, I must embrace risk.

I want to be in the sunlight today, possibly working in the garden.  Maybe even taking a ride over to Los Gatos to a favorite bakery.  At this moment, before my day begins, there’s nothing but possibilities in front of me.

Oh, if only I could be that bird, beating furiously against the currents as I build up a head of steam sufficient to embrace the joys of exploration…

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