Anonymity and Gravitar – it’s all in the comfort level


Everybody and their brother wants to “monetize” personal information, tracking folks from one website to the next.

In self-defence, we need to manage multiple email addresses to protect our history, our opinions, and to ensure that anything controversial we might choose to say cannot be traced back to us and impact the real world without our full understanding of what the potential impact may be for repercussions.


As I’m moving into this whole blogging experience, I am making the choice to NOT make yet another email address, and to list myself as me.

You won’t see my image much, if at all, as I just don’t think it’s relevant.

But, for purposes of making WordPress and Gravitar happy, I have decided on the attached image to give you an idea of what I look like in the real world.  And, while not really rosy and more like “maroony” for denial, the rose-colored glasses are on my face to stay.

The real world is too cruel for many tender souls.

While I will always hope that people can be kind to each other, and will look for the best in others, the rose-colored glasses are permanently installed as I know that being kind is not always the first go-to choice people make in this world.

Sad, but true.

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